Australia's climate is extreme, yet many Australians do not consider the importance of heat gain and loss to their homes and offices.

Glass is a poor conductor of heat and as a result the major loss and gain of heat in your home or office is through your windows. Owners invariably insulate walls and ceilings in new and existing buildings even though only approximately only 13% of heat gain is caused by them and only 32% of heat loss. Glass windows are responsible for up to 87% of heat gain and 49% of heat loss. If all Australian homes were glazed correctly, Greenhouse Gas emissions would be reduced by approximately 8 million tonnes per annum.

East and west facing windows will receive the largest amount of summer sun, and so the installation of energy efficient glazing will contribute enormously to an improved level of energy efficiency. Energy efficient glass will also give an improved level of comfort, and reduce summer heat gain significantly.

Energy efficient glass or double glazing can save up to 40% on the cost of your heating and cooling bill. That's a significant saving.


  • A solar tint applied to existing windows
  • Solar Glass installed to replace existing. This can be done to certain heat prone elevations as required
  • Double Glazed Units (or IGU)