After exhaustive research with a variety of different products from Europe, Asia, America and New Zealand, Reliable Glass has determined that Capral's Artisan Bifold Door is a peerless performer regardless of location.

Whether it's a busy apartment high rise in the CBD, or a house on an exposed beach front, Capral's Artisan Bifold Door is the industry leader for both commercial and domestic bifold doors.

Product Performance

Capral’s Artisan range incorporates a technologically advanced folding door system that surpasses that of ordinary bi-folds. Utilising Effortless Motion Technology (EMT), 316 marine grade stainless steel components, Artisan folding doors move and feel like no other, making the Artisan the best and smoothest on the door market.

The Artisan is superior when it comes to weather tightness, security, environmental performance, structural performance, size, function and overall aesthetic requirements.

Additional Information

  • Maximum Product Performance for Door Size 2400 x 4000mm based on 4 panel configuration
  • Serviceability Wind Pressure up to 2210 Pa
  • Ultimate Wind Pressure up to 4200 Pa
  • Water Penetration Resistance up to 700 Pa
  • Sound Transmission Class up to 34 (-1, -3)