Reliable Glass is committed to making sure that all employees are safe from injury and risks to health while at work.

The General Manager as the responsible officer of the company considers that the health, safety and welfare of the employees, customers and contractors is of primary importance and is ranked equally with all other activities of the company. As such, the company has integrated a Safety Management system that adheres to the Occupation Health and Safety Act 1986 and Regulations (SA) 1995.

Our Aims & Objectives

Reliable Glass aims to provide a healthy and safe work place and will comply with all legal requirements to provide the following:

  • A safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and contractors
  • Safe Systems of work plant and material in a safe condition
  • The necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to make sure that each employee is safe from injury and risks to health
  • Effective ways of consulting with the workforce and their representatives on all occupational health, safety and welfare issues.
  • Effective reporting, recording and investigation of all injuries, work-related illness and 'near misses' in the work place.
  • Effective rehabilitation measures for employees who suffer work-related injuries and illness.
  • A safe environment for all customers and visitors.
  • A regular review of systems and procedures to strive for ongoing improvement in health, safety and welfare performance.